Welcome to the 2018 season!

We are very excited to introduce your children to baseball / softball and develop basic skills while having fun! Your child will be exposed this season to the skills of batting, catching, throwing, and running the bases all while having fun and understanding sportsmanship in a non competitive environment. Our goal is to provide an introduction and foundation to baseball and softball that is grounded in fundamentals, fun, and fitness. 


Practices will begin in May (One night a week)

Games (two each week) begin in June




Transitional level: 5-6 year olds (transition between teeball and baseball/softball)

Original teeball rules will be followed except the following will be applied: Coaches will pitch 4 pitches (after 4 pitches tee will be brought out), games will be played on a softball field. Outs will be played from the field (after 3 outs bases will be cleared but batting will continue through the entire lineup).